Downtown Tampa, FL Proposal Photos | Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park| Zachary & Victoria

Perfectly planned and executed proposal! Zachary took Victoria on what she thought was a casual stroll before dinner, but she had no idea that he would be on one knee before it ended.

When Zachary reached out to plan the perfect proposal, he envisioned it happening at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park with me being able to capture every moment. Concealing this secret for weeks, Zachary was on pins and needles when his dad was going to call and congratulate Victoria the day before he popped the question! Thankfully, he didn't spill the beans because she was definitely taken by surprise!

Victoria and Zachary are both in the Military, and met in Charleston, SC. "She initially messaged me on Facebook and said how I have such an amazing smile and asked if we could go on a date. I first thought that this is the first time a woman has reached out to me. Right then I knew she was special."

On the morning of this special day, Zachary went to scout the area for the perfect spot. With much preparation and the unpredictable Florida weather, he sure was nervous. I reassured him it would all work out and there was no better timing. It turned out amazing, and of course, she said YES!